Sup peeplez

well everybody hates me today its hate on kayla day turns out i missed one of my coolant purges and the coolant feed backd up on the f*ckin fusion reactor so we had a contained field breach everybody flipped their shit and all the alarms went off


Vernon k. armstrong and mikhail yurilev were like "GET TO THE FOUR OF THE SHIP AND SEAL THE ENGINEERING SECTION WELL USE THE ARROVEE TO REPAIR THE BLAH BLAH" they went on for like twenty meinutes about containment proceedures our whatever. I just toggled a hard reset on drive A and diverted ship functions to the hydrazine combustion drive then did a fuel system purge and manully repaired the coolant feed

PLASMA SHIT BACK IN CHECK that shit buzzing like a bee

does vrybody say "THANKS KAYLA GREAT JOB????" no of course not they say "WAAAAAA WE EACH RECEIVED NEAR LETHAL DOSES OF GAMMA RADIATION GET OUT YOUR potasium idiode
injectors out LOL what babies


not in the mood


Sup peeplez

ill keep this short we just passed saturn and guess what........

it looked gay as f*ck

big surprise there everything in space is gayer than on earth by like times 20

josh also emailed me today and said hes been hanging out with clarissa if that bitch touches my man im takin this ship back and crashin it into her effin house even if it takes 358 days to get there!!!!

nyway this is pretty much the worst spaceship trip ever even worse than NLREV-001 where they hullbreeched and everyone died frm explosive decompresing

think it was like a oxygn pump explosion or somethin WAY 2 GO ARTEMIS-1 MISSION ASTRONATS!!



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