When I was a child, I felt a revulsion towards the eggplant. I would tell my mother, "No, do not place that vegetable in my bento box!" But she did not relent. After playing Kid Icarus, I gained an appreciation of the eggplant, which gained even more so upon the demise of my mother. Now, I bring this character to the world of Smash Bros., complete with his "quick heart" fighting style. You will find the increase of heartbeat upon being transformed into a vegetable. This is what it is like to be in a salad!

No! Kirby! Do not eat that eggplant. This is a ruse concocted by a wizard of eggplants! Whatever shall Kirby do?

The Eggplant Wizard shows a man what happens to those who do not share a fondness of vegetables. B-BLAST! You have now become one.

Once again, Eggplant-kun makes a transformation of everyone into eggplants. It is a frustrating move that is impossible to counter. He makes me glad I design these games and do not play them!

Donkey Kong has learned a valuable lesson this day. If one wishes to destroy the chief of eggplants, one must hit them strongly in the back of the head. Please remember this.

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