: Other signs this man was seen carrying:

Barack Obama is *BONK* not the mama! He is a bad president.

Take it from Baby Michelle: "You got it, dude!" (IT = HIGHER TAXES)


Sure, I'll take more government spending... NOT.

O.J. Simpson, Barack Obama... Need I say more?

NO SOUP FOR YOU oh god someone help me turn this into a metaphor I watch 12 hours of TV Land a day

Brad: I'd like to "wap" this guy. What I mean to say there is that I find his sign to be a real "knee-slapper" and I'd like to transfer the effect to his sad upper-middle-class face. Which is to say that I'd like to "punch this guy as hard as possible in order to cause physical pain." Okay, let's move on because this isn't so much a joke as an expression of my sincere wish to see this guy bleed all over himself.

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