Brad: Oooooh, that Barney. Well that makes more sense.

BobServo: Seeing as I have no health insurance and the smallest medical problem would undoubtedly bankrupt me back to the Bronze Age, I can't say I'm averse to Barney Frank exploring my asshole, as long as it was for medical reasons and he bought me a nice dinner first.

Brad: Barney Frank actually might be pretty good at colonoscopies. What with all that negotiating with Republicans, he's had a lot of practice dealing with assholes. Haha, sorry, just a little political humor there for you folks. But seriously, be healthy. Check your anuses regularly.

BobServo: This has been American politics. Thank you for playing!

Brad: We are sad to say we can't send you away with a home version of the game because you will soon be homeless.

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey and Brad "Brad" Bradley

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