Roofio1 up, 48 down
A date-rapist who drugs his victims.

"I think a Roofio slipped something in my drink last night. I woke up feeling like I got gangbangaranged."

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A Film by Hype Williams

0 up, 106 down
1. An absurdly overblown event.
2. A highly dubious account.

"My sister's homecoming party: A Film by Hype Williams."

"My sister got pregnant from a toilet seat at Denny's: A Film by Hype Williams."

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Ankhxiety1 up, 244 down
The mysterious, ill-defined emotional malaise that consumed the goths of the 1980s.

"I just got a promotion at work, but I still feel like painting my nails black. Could I be relapsing into ankhxiety?"

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Rickrolodex2 up, 153 down
Someone who obsessively indexes every person they've ever rickrolled.

"Oh man, I just rickrolled my cousin. That makes five people on my father's side of the family I've rickrolled this month."

"Okay, rickrolodex."

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Bunk Demon
2 up, 50 down
The vague apprehension and loss of equilibrium one feels sleeping in a bunk bed.

"I'm sleeping on the couch tonight, bro. I can't face the bunk demon."

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Ham Radio
0 up, 116 down
The seemingly telepathic link that allows fat people to know what other fat people are thinking.

"Lets go to McDonald's and-"

"Order 12 double cheeseburgers?"

"Wow! Ham radio."

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