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A girl who looks fly until she smiles and half her teeth are missing.

"Man, that girl in the corner looks smokin'."

"Yeah, but she's a vomit-o-lantern."

"Hey, she's smiling at us." *vomits*

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Boner Patrol3 up, 200 down
The act of proofreading or copy editing a document.

"Carl, I've finished a draft of the North Korea article. Would you please go on boner patrol?"

"Sure thing. I'll inform you if, during the course of my patrol, I encounter any boners."

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Ghostfuck0 up, 109 down
To own someone so bad at the Genesis game Shaq-Fu that it summons a 3,000-year-old Turkish djinn who steals their soul.

"Damn, I just straight owned you that match."

"Bullshit. My controller got unplugged."

"What's that comin' out of the 32X?"

"Probably just smoke. It overheats a lot. Oh shi-"


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Dog's Errand61 up, 62 down
A pointless and wasteful endeavor.

"To look for an open frozen yogurt stand at this advanced hour would clearly be a dog's errand."
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Sexshmallow0 up, 998 down
A fat, pale woman who wears tight clothing.

"You're a total sexshmallow in that tube top. I can see your nipple rings."

"Thanks. I was going for the sexshmallow look."

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When a gentleman reaches the point of intoxication at which it becomes necessary to sit down to pee.

"Better wait for a stall, buddy... you're ladydrunk."

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