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The best place for having sex.

"I'm going to the centrifuge."

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Reverse Stockholm4 up, 1982 down
A psychological syndrome that arises from hanging out with a friend so long that you begin to identify them as a captor.

"Dude, it's not even midnight! Let's watch a movie."

"I am an American citizen, Kevin. If you harm me, my government will retaliate."

"Dang! Reverse Stockholm!"

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Owlbear1 up, 113 down
A large, hairy, gay male who reads books on foreplay.

"I saw Fred at the library reading The Pocket Guide to Foreplay. I think I'm gonna ask him out."

"Ick, stay away. He's an owlbear."

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Pie on a Windowsill0 up, 78 down
An easy score; an opportunity for mischief; an unguarded morsel.

"See that girl alone at the bar? Total pie on a windowsill!"

"Josh left his computer unlocked and he's logged into Facebook... do I smell a pie on a windowsill?"

"Hey, look at that cottage over there! Somebody left a pie on a windowsill!"

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Hell's Coming To Frogtown
3 up, 504 down
Something serious is going to happen.

"When dad gets home and sees you turned his lawnmower into an efficient but incredibly unstable cold fusion generator, Hell's Coming to Frogtown."

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Caligula's Maze
0 up, 51 down
A sex act that goes so horribly wrong that neither party can discern what's actually happening, or how to stop it.

"I got a little too ladydrunk at McDevitt's last night... next thing I know, me and my half-sister were trapped deep within Caligula's Maze."

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