Space is perhaps the biggest collection of mysteries this side of a "Murder, She Wrote" marathon. Among space's chief exports are asteroids, planets, meteorites, Supermen, wormholes, and the Theremin. Space, as crazy black jazz musician Sun Ra observed, "is the place." In celebration of space and the recent triumph of landing a robot on Mars, we're bringing you a very special Photoshop Phriday. By special I of course mean retarded, but I certainly hope you wouldn't be foolish enough to expect anything more or less from us. The topic this week is "It Came From Outer Space," which is a slightly misleading theme name given that the goal was to Photoshop actual space pictures from NASA and other space agencies. Everyone seemed to mistake it for a general sci-fi hoedown, and you know how those things go. In spite of the problems, we have our usual helping of quality laughs from the Forum Goons, as well as a number of images that will probably either confuse you or give you a headache. And because everybody has been harassing me to bring back the page of shame, I kind of did. Enjoy, space cadets!

Poochie navigated Mars in his backyard. He navigated Uranus in his bedroom.

NoteToSelf: write a caption for this image.

AndrewTaylor is filling Mars' atmosphere with toxins.

Kanzune is doing something here. Maybe cleaning up AOL CDs. I don't know. I'm a conscientious objector.

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