Howdy, everybody! Welcome to another fine Photoshop Phriday. Not only is this the first Phriday of the New Year, it's also the 100th edition. That's assuming I counted right, and it's entirely possibly this is only like our 30th. I'm not good with numbers. Other things I'm not good with include knots and VCR repair. But that's not what you're here for. No, your kind craves pictures. Don't worry, gentle soul, for I have got your fix. This week we have a bevy of images related to the theme of "Amusement Park Madness," and it comes courtesy of forum goon RolandTower. He and the rest of the Something Awful Forum Goons whipped up a delicious serving of danger and thrills. What better way to ring in the dawn of the new millennium! Oh, wait, shit, this is only 2004.

RolandTower got this week's action started. Good job to you, sir!

ampinstein presents this chilling "Duel of the Coasters."

TheHotCarl makes mass murder all red and shiny. :)

Bimston peruses thrills of an extreme nature and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women or the elderly. Especially elderly pregnant women.

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