"Shadowkaster" brings us the most fearsome spider of all:

"El Pollo Diablo" is off the wagon again:

"Glitch" voyages into the comediverse with this wacky Tick reference:

"tehspiekguy" dance dances the night away and wins big:

Thanks for looking at all these pretty pictures, reader! Big thanks goes to the Something Awful Forum Goons for their great work and jovial spirits. Also, thanks again to Worth1000.com for being the brother we never knew we had. Please join us next week when we use Photoshop nothing but Don Knotts and Andy Griffith making out. If you have a brave stomach, feel free to read on and witness some of the entries that sucked worse than charybdis.

Tremble now, for your eyes are about to be poked and prodded! The next page will tear your vision to smithereens.

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