12evilmonkeys shows what happens when Hollywood creativity dries up! OH HO HO!

I'd say CosmoDNA controls Bartertown!

Look out for trouble on the poop deck in this high caliber geno1173 motion picture extravaganza.

Alphasnail is reaching into the past, but at least he grabbed hold of Jim Nabors in the process. Shazam!

Geno1173, who I freely admit liking better than most people, has created quite possibly the best picture ever for like the 10th or 11th time.

Anyway, I officially quit for the week. Thanks a massive ton to the Something Awful Forum Goons for doing a wonderful, wonderful job like always. They, not our nation's many beekeepers, are the true heroes. Even the ones who don't live in America. Please join us next week when we do something silly like always. You may also optionally keep reading for two pages of crap.

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