Altering history is dangerous biznaz, as proven by the many time travelers who simply cannot resist breaking the Prime Directive and changing the course of history. Of course time travelers simply got nuttin' on the Goons, who use Photoshop to do their time traveling. The Goons rocked the boat that is history by delving deep into the icy inner thighs of the past and exposing the truth! Before all was said and done, they had miracle whipped up a load of images showing what really happened at some of most monumental moments of mankind!

Strap on your amazement harness, because we're rocketing you to Planet Amazement!

"Leviathor" brings a tear to my eye with this divine masterpiece:

"Knomal" exposes one of Davinci's early creations:

"Phear" knows just what kind of apple it was that fell from the tree:

Hey look, it's me! I made this, and I don't know why:

"Chows" has the wrong idea about our founding fathers:

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