The Winter Olympics have undergone a radical makeover in the past decade, incorporating X Games sports into the official schedule. But these changes weren't quite "extreme" enough for the Something Awful Forum Goons, who demand a total transfusion, in which the athletes' very blood gets replaced by Mountain Dew. We're talking wild animals everywhere, increased risk to life and limb, and fire, definitely lots of fire. Now let the Games begin!

Dear Lord, please protect blunt's rocket sled, and all those who dwell within his rocket sled.

Who would think Rycro and bear could be well-accepted everywhere? It's just amazing how fair people can be.

TobiasRieper has taken anabolic steroids, Novocaine, Nyquil, Darvon, and some sort of fish paralyzer.

Yabanjin had the race won, until the AT-ATs arrived.

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