"Yeah, I can't walk, my body's falling apart, I've got like 5 years left, this'll make me feel better."

Tennessee, huh? I believe it.

Questions are the beginnings of knowledge.

"Tikka" comes off sounding like someone whose entire family just fell down a well.

Whilst: A pretentious, outmoded word which means "This asshole needs to leap off a building." (loosely-translated)

We're out for this week. Thanks to my invaluable buds ChryScntedPeach, whfffffngs, cisneros, Beedos Attack, Ryeing-Bread, Rheuka, A Boy and his Nigga, EdRush, Pretzelcoatl, Shasty, menth0l, Doghouse MD, Bleep, Math Mutant, moving shadow, saddle up and ride, Vermain, grandpas new thong, Mhatma, rbk, DanceForce, ilovegabehorn, and vg.

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– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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