There's no anime where a guy and girl are dating, but there are plenty where a guy is raping.

Fat girl got a complement in a video game.

It's gonna get exciting? It's exciting enough already! I HOPE STAR WOLF HOOKS UP WITH STAR FOX.

The police will be arriving shortly.

I'm Batman.


Allah vs. Batman vs. Johnny Cage vs. Ryu, who would win???

I don't know whether she is a virgin or not, but I have enough information to determine whether or not you are.

Special thanks to Crucified, nationalism, Crumbunist, goats, Arms_Akimbo, The 2nd Doom, Snowcow, gumplunger, The Aristeia, flpwch, Jip_Bip_Jo, Spinning Robo, Zombie Beiger, and a belated thanks to D-E-M-A-N-U-S-F-L-I-N-T. Are you happy now, jerkface?!

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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