I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between IGN and Gamespot except that Gamespot has white text on a black background and IGN has black text on a white background. The content, however, looks exactly the same to me. Both have the same exact news, an "Insider" or "Complete" section, badly narrated video reviews, and godawful forums. I don't know why arguing about which video game system is better than the other is fun but hey, I'm not a Gamespot forum poster.

I hope God bans you, from life!

I don't think that F had anything to do with you calling your teacher a terminator.

Give it a few more weeks to get the semen stains out of the dash.

This one time I killed a stripper.

fuk u WWI sims on da psp rox ur sox fagot

I think they are both terrible and a waste of money.

At least these guys know which number is higher.

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