Sasami Kawaii

Who Posts There: Apparently only three people. There is Sasami, who owns the forums and anytime Japan is mentioned she goes on a wild tangent detailing how perverse and ignorant the Japanese people are. There's her boyfriend, an elitist anime fag who dares anyone to call him an "otaku". Then there's Sashi, who is so into anime that she would probably undergo plastic surgery to look like an anime character if she could.

What is Posted There: Sasami Kawaii is hard to explain. It's a South African anime forum where three people argue about worthless bullshit day in and day out. These images aren't particularly hillarious. They just sort of numb your brain until you are a broken shell of your former self.

Some guy is on a crusade to make anime the #1 nerd hobby in all of South Africa.

There are just over ten anime fans in South Africa and "Sasami" knows them all.

This is that greasy anime fag I was talking about. Ugh, he gives me the creeps.

Hey lady, watch out for that man in a fursuit! Oh no it's too late!

Someone hates these people so much he's sending them death threats.

Apparently "Sasami" threads aren't very popular on her own forum.

"Goth Forum Owner" is going places in life.

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