If your ritual chamber doesn't look like Doom II then you're doing it all wrong!

It would suck if it were always 6 o'clock.

Just send out your resume to robot companies? Is it that hard?

Einstein's theory of relativity has some flaws. Let me, LightAngel, fix it.

He read How to Win Friends and Influence Sluts by SATAN.

Special thanks to Skylark, Man of Steel Wool, softbomb, Max Nitwit, Bodminzer, Electric Shrimp, actionjackson, tony danzas ho, giancarlo, evilBeer, PureEvil6_13, Angry Weatherman, Mitochondria Eve, ryborg, brehonia, The Ninth Layer and panascope, who see Satan as the true path to winning friends and influencing people.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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