Here comes an all-too-familiar story from various goths across the globe. Stupid jocks! Some day he'll get his revenge!

Germany, Denmark, and Norway's armed forces are in good shape now that "ultra goth" is protecting their freedom. He's on a top secret mission to make posts about bats or something equally asinine crap.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... THE MOST GENERIC AND CLICHED HUMAN BEING ON THE INTERNET! Camwhore girl? Check! Piercings? Check! Spiked collar? Check! Stupid horizontal text? Check! Livejournal user? Check! Gothic high school girl? Check! Somebody please link me to her Amazon Wishlist right now! Also please tell me the location of the clone factory pumping out these generic dullards because I want to call in an air strike.

yo werd up diggity dawg!

I really wish I had the ability to hold up Internet smiley face signs in real life. Yeah, that would be just fucking excellent. Aim high!

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