Music is one of the greatest uniting forces throughout the universe. People of different races, genders, and nationalities come together to support their favorite artists and share with each other the many ways in which their favorite music touched their hearts. Not on the Internet though; this place is just full of fucking morons. Oh, and if you're wondering where Spokker Jones is, his apartment recently exploded so I'm filling in for him. I suspect an angry furry sabotaged the place.

First up, "Star Tatto" exposes a tragic case of child abuse... perpetrated by her own father! Will her forbidden love ever be able to manifest itself?

"25 Cent" is the hottest rapper this side of the Internet. And no, I don't know what side this may be.

The anti-50 Cent bandwagon ends here, as "xxxillskin..." is on a crusade to stop the hate!

I don't know what "lil_50_wife_4_eva" is trying to say here, but I'm guessing the use of all capital letters, blue color, and the unsuccessful attempt at using the bold tag means it's terribly important, so please pay attention.

Attention Internet residents: there has been a recent outbreak of stolen identity in the Ace of Base world. Please refer to the following post for more details.

Thank you Eric Cartman for the wonderful idea.

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