Sneezing Forums

I will never understand these fetishes based around seemingly innocent biological functions. But here it is, a group of people who get turned on by sneezing. Incredible.

How the fuck do you ejaculate over someone sneezing?

My pussy gets so wet when my little friend with problems sneezes.

I like boys, but don't get me wrong, I'm as heterosexual as they come.

I like to rub their sneeze boogers all over my tits and ass.

I have no doubt that this guy spent 60 bucks on a DVD collection of friends for that 4 second clip of some bitch actress sneezing. Sneezing videos. That's where the real money is folks.

Hahaha goddamn.


Isn't this thread a little redundent on a fucking SNEEZING FETISH FORUM?

Do these people have no shame...

...I guess not.

A match made in heaven, or New Jersey.

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