The best anime movie ever is Perfect Strangers.

4,000 calories isn't all that much when you realize that most of these people are on 200,000 calories per day diets. Posting on the internet takes a lot of energy.

He also sweats when he's eating, sleeping, and shitting, so I don't think this is too amazing.

It's like watching a group of retards climb up on a row of toilets and try to make shit successfully without getting it all over eachother.

Would you feel it? Well I don't know. Try it and find out.

This forum is terrible and here's the proof: THIS POST IS MARKED JUNE 20, 2004 AND THEY ARE STILL MAKING FUN OF THE XBOX'S LARGE SIZE. Folks, I rest my goddamn case.

We can never have enough furry bashing.

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