Yeah, well, he lied.

All women are sluts, even the ones who want to save themselves for marriage I guess.

Well, water is the universal solvent!

Yeah this is all good advice. I'm glad this forum exists.

Fucking Internet. You can always find at least one person who will defend anything.

I am the TROGON. I did not give you allergies. Rarrr! I AM TROGON.

Special thanks to panascope, zeyvos, Glenn Glenda, ChryScntedPeach, Fab Boner, Villon, Boniface, Factor_VIII, Hibi, The Aristeia, actionjackson, Mermaid Autopsy, Blackhawk, moist turtleneck, Racist Underwear, Run, Pipgirl. Cuddlebottom and Anatole.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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