I don't really have anything bad to say about SparkNotes. It's a good resource for the laziest of us to get enough information about a subject so we can bullshit our way through an exam or essay in high school. I owe plenty of B-minuses to SparkNotes myself. What I don't get is why the SparkNotes web site has forums. Why would someone ask for help on a subject from people as stupid as they are? You've already resorted to SparkNotes because you're dumb as hell, please don't talk about anime while you do it.

God damn I love animae!


Thanks. This is just enough to bullshit my way through speech and debate.

Celebrities get special treatment! Film at 11!

Every time I jerk off it's like murdering millions of potential Britney Spearses with a single flush. I'm just doing my part.

Maybe you should see a therapist about it.

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