At Something Awful we pride ourselves on finding the worst video game communities imaginable. I think we decided that the Blizzard Forums were the worst and they have held that title for quite some time now. But today a new challenger approaches, the Runescape Forums!

Yeah, those things are so much more horrible than Runescape.

I know this isn't a fetish forum but damn that is a hot story. What happened to what I said about normal guys being the last of a dying breed? Look, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

PARTY HARD!!! FRESHMAN SUUUUUUUCK!!!! Sure. it's a hierarchy based entirely on who was born first, but, FRESHMAN SUUUUUCK!!!

Go Wildcats!

What is this Runescape game even about anyway?

At least the Blizzard Forum posters know how to make a sig.

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