Special Feature: The Men of Counter-Strike

Are you looking for hot, sexy video game nerds? We'll you've stumbled onto the right place. Say hello to these studs and prepare to be blown away. Special thanks to the guys over at Team GSX for posing for us. You guys are the best.

Oh yeah baby, work the camera.

Oh yes honey, the camera loves you.


Give me that high, stupid look baby. Oh yes that's right.

These guys run the anime club at their school.

What an internet athlete.


Whether he's camping crates on de_dust or de_dust2 Jonathan Brickonson always has a steady stream of doritos and Mountain Dew flowing into his mouth. Don't believe me? Just wait until you see some of his multi-colored stool samples that I've collected.

Hey look, it's the father of Counter-Strike.

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