If you work for any law enforcement agency you are not allowed to enter this site if you do again we will pursue charges against the pending officer and any agencies. By entering this site You Agree to these terms by not following them if you enter this site Without following these terms you will be held liable in return. What you are about to see are REAL investigations of the paranormal and some of the b e s t paranormal photography in the world.


We are a Legal business and we provide some nonprofit services and some commercial services as well although the profits that are concurred are Very Small in margin and get applied towards travel cost and equipment only as well as the funding for this site. You also agree not to enter this site if you have a Weak Heart some photos are Very shocking.


It's really hard to summarize this website. "Trailer Park White Trash X-Files on Geocities" first comes to mind, but it fails to describe all of its merits. Government conspiracies, more stolen embedded MP3s than the entirety of Myspace, and a Paranormal Comedy Page. I've spent the past six hours going through poorly edited damaged Polaroids of ghost pictures, Bigfoot Theory, and preparing for Armageddon. Move over alienclowndicks.com, because this is my new favorite legal business website.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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