Bathroom Tennis, submitted by Stupid Spam E-mail. The number of spam e-mails I receive on bestiality porn alone would make even the most devoted animal lover gag, not to mention the literally hundreds of other spam mails I receive daily. Normally I would not give them the traffic from making them an Awful Link of the Day, but in this case the product being offered was just so monumentally idiotic that I couldn't imagine any of our fans buying it.

Bathroom Tennis is a site devoted to a new tool that will help you improve your tennis game. You've bought the tapes, you've bought the magazines, and your swing just isn't getting any better! What do you do now? You buy a tennis instruction shower curtain, of fucking course!

THE BATHROOM TENNIS SHOWER KIT is a new and efficient way to improve your tennis. Or the perfect gift for a friend.

The "tennis visualization" workouts only take a few minutes a day. You'll be instructed "what to do" and "how", from the MENTAL TRAINING BOOKLET in the Kit.

NOT TO MENTION IT IS SO CLASSY THAT WHEN A WOMAN COMES OVER AND USES YOUR BATHROOM HER LIPS WILL PRACTICALLY DETACH FROM HER FACE AND SUCK YOU OFF! What the living Christ? This is the saddest excuse for a training aid I have ever seen. They want you to make your bathroom motif "dumbass tennis player who buys anything" in exchange for flailing around like a dork in the shower for two minutes a day. I do that normally but it only takes half as long for me to finish, the "practice" doesn't have a tennis theme, and the magazine always gets wet.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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