The Dark Hearted Realm, submitted by Adrian. Oooh, what's scarier than a series of bloated, ugly, incompetent animated gifs and bloated, ugly, incompetent high school kids writing poetry about how anger is crawling inside their skin and nobody understand the cruel reality of their worlds? I sure as hell don't know, mostly because I'm too busy being blown off my ass by their beautiful poetry and words of wisdom, most of which are undoubtedly the result of "the damn jocks and preppies" beating the snot out of them after school and making them drink dog urine.

Four sharp points,
Sterilized with blood;
Watch my skin parting,
As it’s torn with a passion,
Fuelled by frustration, anger and hate.

Just as some begin drying,
Others start to heal;
But the scares,
And my reasons remain.

I swear to punish this monstrosity,
For hosting such a useless entity.
So as my flesh mends,
I will rip it open once again.

The seamless combination of terrible poetry and terrible graphics make this one of my all time favorite goth poetry sites, ranking up there with... that one site and... that, uh, other one that I'm thinking of. You know the one, it's run by the webmaster who wears a lot of white pancake makeup and feels his parents never understand him. You know... that one.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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