Claws and Paws dot com, submitted by starkravingnaked.Since I'm on the topic of going to war against the animal kingdom, why not take on the worst offenders of them all: the furries. Not only are they the saddest of individuals that enjoy humping cat scratching posts, they are also traitors to their species as well. Doug Muth operates a site called Claws and Paws dot com that gives refuge to these criminally sexual deviants. If you wander into the "All about furry" section of the menu, beware, for you are asking for Lion King fanfic, anthropomorphic imaginary furry friends, and frightening pictures (to say the least).This is why the Internet needs to be destroyed.

The part I find the most interesting is Doug's "furry code". It's basically a way to sum up a furry's personality in a string of made up categories. Let's take a look:

"And finally, my furry code: "

FFP3amw A-- C++ D H++ M+ P++ R T+++ W-- Z Sm# RLCT a25 cbdlmou++++$ d++ e++ f++ h* iwf+++$ j p sm#

Intresting. Let me take a crack at decoding this. Hmmmmmm, yes....hmmmmm. Eureka, I've done it! The code means he's a fucking loser. I should work for the CIA.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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