The Who's the Boss? Resource Fan Fiction Archive, submitted by Mike. As Tony Danza from "Who's the Boss?" would say, "woah." Then that old hag grandma would come in and make some disgusting sexual innuendo and her dippy daughter would get dumped by yet another man who's not attracted to an over-the-hill annoying broad who has starred in one Lifetime Network movie too many. The "The Who's the Boss? Resource Fan Fiction Archive" contains 14 stories of fan fiction, 98 user-submitted scripts, 13 full-length stories, 4 crossovers with TV shows such as "Charmed" and "The Golden Girls," and a whole bunch of other stuff which really begs the question "who are the people who write this crap and why can't they find something better to waste their time on, such as an exciting heroin habit?"

Scene 2

**The kitchen. TONY, ANGELA and JONATHAN are sitting around the table, eating breakfast.**

ANG: I'm already beginning to miss having mother to boss me around.

TONY: I know what ya mean, but I'm sure she'll come around and realize that leaving was a mistake.

ANG: I sure hope so. What am I going to do with her apartment? Sam and Hank won't need it, now that we're building them an apartment in the basement.

JON: I'll take it!

ANG: No, you won't, sweetie. You're not ready for your own place yet.

JON: Like hell I'm not! I'm 17! I'm mature enough to have my own place!

Woah, that's... uh... well, that's a lot of words I guess. I'm really trying as hard as I can to find something positive about this site and the people who spent their spare time writing stories about Mona, Tony, Angela, and that girl who now stars in adult movies revolving around her breasts, but I'm afraid that I currently lack a sufficient number of words to do so. Fortunately, these folks seem to have more than enough words, so maybe you should just head over there and spend the next few decades of your life reading this god-forsaken hellhole heap.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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