kichebo, submitted by me. We've all had the misfortune of seeing furry art. If not, consider yourself blessed and immediately turn off and throw away your computer. For most of us, though, furry art is kind of boring these days. Yes, some pervert who is sexually attracted to animals likes to draw raccoon penises. How wonderfully exciting. I guess I'd gotten so used to that sort of terrible art that I failed to realize there were idiots taking it one step further.

Jesus Christ! There are dozens of these terrible, terrible pictures. Seriously, I'll be glad when all these pathetic meatheads realize how astoundingly retarded they look prancing about in animal costumes, creating the worst art imaginable, and babbling on about the animal within them in-between the times they spend crying about being abused as a child and the times they spend crying about not being understood. DIE, ALL OF YOU.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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