Pandora's Box, submitted by George Costanza. I must warn you right off the bat: THIS SITE IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It contains an abundance of highbrow artwork, which depict such classic subject matters as Disney cartoon characters engaging in sex acts and drawings of young boys getting it on with older women. This site features art as it is rarely seen: dragged kicking and screaming through gravel behind a pick-up truck. Actually, thanks to the Internet, that last line is hardly true. However, this site is exceptionally bad thanks in part to the fact the artist does have talent, he just wastes it drawing child porn and furry rape. Here is but a censored sneak peak at what artistic pinnacles await you:

If you can stomach the mind-boggling horror of seeing Stuart Little delicately guiding a giant penis into its appropriate slot, not to mention all sorts of other sordid deviance, then this site offers quite the punch.

And hey, did I mention 4 pages of DRAGON BALL Z erotic art? Not only that, but if you explore carefully, you're destined to find shemale Dragon Ball Z art. Yes, this truly is the end of all things. Goodbye forever. I'm going to go kill myself. JETSON, YOU'RE FIRED!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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