The Zordmaker, submitted by grzydj. This page in the computer books is the good reason why fans of something should never work on that something. This is a man who is into love with the Power Rangers, which is a show for kids! This is bad enough for adult to love such an amusement video, but then the man is somehow getting the jobs working for the show! I smell trouble!

After confirming my suspicions the following day with the Pudgy Pig, I was hooked. Totally. Suddenly Astroboy and Robotech just weren't good enough anymore. For the next eight months my every breath was "Power Rangers" and if I didn't see at least four hours per day I would go into shock. That was until the 15th November, when through an extremely unlikely chain of events, I was given the job of Art Department Electrician on the first MMPR movie, to build the next generation of Zords to those I had come to know and love.

He has many of the details which are behind the scenes but are also sort of scary because the guy is loving the kid's show a bit too much.

I am remembering when greatest fan of Yours Truly Jesus El Churro was being given the job of personal assistant to Yours Truly by Yours Truly. This is a situation which is not working out in the longest of runs. Jesus is constantly asking for autographs and taking things like the locks of the hairs and even the clips from the fingernails and toenails. He is telling me he is gluing things to a wooden version of me until then he can get enough to cover it and he is even sweeping up the skin that is falling off but I am not noticing. He is telling me that one day he will put the electricity to the wooden El Pinto Grande and I am laughing but then I am made to fire him. Two months to the later side of things I am preparing for the matches when into locker areas comes Jesus and a version of me which is a dirty and bumpy clone. I give to the fights of El Pinto Grande Dos and am only winning because this version, which is somehow even stronger, is slower and I am rolling aside from furious attacks. Then I am tricking it into electric wires and it explodes.

That is why I still will not talk to Jesus El Churro and why it is important to remember what the topics at hand are because I am just made to forget this one.

– El Pinto Grande

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