Micetrap Distribution, LLC, submitted by RAHOWA!. Micetrap Distrubtion, LLC is your one stop shop for all of the ultra-racist music you can't get at a Wal*Mart or Sam Goody. Well, at least a Sam Goody. I'm talking about the greatest bands to come out of Memphis since lynch mobs were spending Confederate currency to buy lengths of hemp rope. Even the names for some of the bands are hilarious. Hey, wait, Public Enemy is a white power group?

Huh, that's a weird album cover for a Public Enemy disc. Wait, what's this?

Now repressed on Micetrap Records, this classic features a BRAND NEW re-designed TWENTY FOUR page full color booklet with a comic strip and lyrics! These 18 tracks are some of the best WP National Socialist songs ever recorded and they continue to be the movement's fighting anthems. Paul Burnley, best known as the lead singer of No Remorse, showcases many of his most intelligent lyrics and strongest vocals on these tracks.

Now it makes sense! RAHOWA!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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