LCARS Standards Development Board, submitted by crazysim. You know how you've been working and working to get that LCARS navigation bar on the right side of your website looking just so, but you just can't find the right shade of orange? Don't even sweat it, these boys got your back.

"The LCARS Standards Development Board was formed with the specific purpose fo developing a standard LCARS system. On the Internet, there are literally hundreds of websites using LCARS as the navigational system, however no one has ever taken the time to develop a method of using LCARS as it was meant to be used. That is where we come in."

The amount of work and detail put into their Flash interface is pretty depressing, but also kind of impressive. Depressingly impressive. Look upon these works and feel great that it wasn't you.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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