Unreal Zoo, submitted by SgtGravy. Bestiality lovers around the world rejoice, unreal zoo has come up with a fairly non-brilliant plan to get around all of those pesky laws outlawing people fucking animals! They have simply done away with the real animal and replaced it with a fairly bad computer rendering of that animal. There's something for you animals out there too! Each 3D model incorporates a lovingly-crafted "mega penis", regardless of whether or not the animal it is attached to even has external sex organs in nature.

Linda never thought she would loose her virginity fucking with a giant wasp. It came out of nowhere when she was taking a shower and plunged into her hole without any delays. When the police came they saw a window in the living room broken but they never believed the girl that she was attacked by some insect, especially that large.

Ah, wasps. Nature's rapists!

This site is more funny and sad than it is disgusting. The 3D renderings are way too terrible to be mistaken for a real animal. My personal favorite is the woman having sex with a very flexible alligator that also has a 3-foot long penis.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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