The Zundelsite, submitted by me. Conspiracy nutballs come in all shapes and sizes. Some think that there are lizards disguised as humans walking among us. Others think that Christ was reborn as an ugly redneck in a baseball cap. And of course, some of them believe that the Holocaust was an international Jewish conspiracy used to fuel World War II and establish a Jewish nation. Of that last category, one of the biggest supporters is Ingrid Rimland. Her website is a testament not only to the conpiracy theory of the Holocaust, but also of New World Order claptrap. She's a fanatic of Ernst Zundel, whose insanity has put the lunatic community up in arms for decades. The site is dedicated to Zundel's writings, most of which are disturbingly coherent, but of course based in fantasy, idiocy, and plain old bullshit.

Hard by the Washington Monument, within clear view of the Jefferson Memorial, an easy stroll down the Mall to the majestic Lincoln Memorial, has arisen, on some of the most hallowed territory of the United States of America, a costly and dangerous mistake. On ground where no monument yet marks countless sacrifices and unheralded achievements of Americans of all races and creeds in the building and defense of this nation, sits today a massive and costly edifice, devoted above all to a contentious and false version of the ordeal in Europe, during World War II, of non-American members of a minority, sectarian group. Now, in the deceptive guise of tolerance, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum begins a propaganda campaign, financed through the unwitting largesse of the American taxpayer, in the interests of Israel and its adherents in America.

How did the federal government allow the creation of such a monstrosity? What is its meaning for American policy and for American values? And what must the American people do to regain control of the land their servants in Washington handed over to a foreign interest, and to establish an enterprise thereon, whether a museum or otherwise, informed by and conducted according to American principles and interests?

You could spend countless hours browsing through this site. Each link brings you to dozens more, where articles await about the evils of propogating the Holocaust myth, the lengths to which the Jewish community will go to keep up the lie, and other assorted ramblings. Fun for the whole family!

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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