Villain Thievz, submitted by . I thought I'd kick it old school with today's ALOTD. The Villain Thievz are, in my opinion, one of the most profoundly awful links Lowtax has ever, ever, posted. Since the original posting of this sucker way back in March, the VT's have continued to kick it with a couple of new tunes. Picking a favorite is incredibly difficult, since all of their white-boy MIDI-rap creations are amazing in their own special way. Here's a description of their super-hit "Ya Gunna Learn":

The Villain Thievz are getting a little pissed at all the disses coming from a certain universidad...So now the "hot to trot" rapping wonders are lashing out, and starting their own rap war. This song is nasty and juicy...Just listen!

"Hot to trot," eh? Apparently, the Thievz exist in the swell-keen ghettos of the early 1950's. It be nasty and juicy, you nifty greasy bastards!

I'm serious, download every .wav on their music page (MP3 must be too high-tech for them) and keep it real with some of the whitest psycho wannabes in the world (other than Vanilla Ice). And be sure to sign their guestbook! This is great stuff!

BONUS! Check out "Here To Own," a new track from SA's own Burglarlizing Robbahz, they're just like the Villain Thievz, except that they use better loops and rap less about humping their history teachers under the bleachers!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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