"shiFtid.com", submitted by . Are you ready for the "hardcore revolution"? No, me neither. I also wasn't ready for five mentally-deficient Slipknot-wannabes with radioactive faces leering at me from my monitor. Having permanently destroyed at least 30% of my brain by scouring this site for nearly 15 minutes, I still can't figure out exactly who or what "shifTid" is actually supposed to be. All I can ascertain is that it involves painting your face with luminous crap and making every effort to look like a truly stupendous retard. Ugh, the horror.

The unique blend of aggressive vocals, grinding riffs, driving low-end rhythms, and disconcerting sounds has created a stir in Central PA, shocking some people, leaving others awestruck. The shows are nothing less than pure, non-stop energy, start to finish, only adding to the sensory overload one can expect to experience.

Despite having no official album releases to date, the few studio tracks that shiFtid has recorded have found widespread acceptance, both locally and via the Internet. The band’s official demo, “Ugly”, has caused a significant stir among hard rock/ hardcore music fans across Northeastern PA.

"Ugly". Yeah, I can believe that. Don't leave without downloading their mp3s, that is assuming you want to get yourself a "sensory overload" (read as: "earache").

By the way, they have a guestbook you can sign, just in case you feel a spleen-ripping urge to offer your soul and / or ugly, luminous face to the Hardcore Revolution. ROCK OUT.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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