Nastorama, submitted by sonicdrift. Take off your thinking caps because Nastorama is ready to shoot the "goddamn retarded" cannon right into your fucking brain. I guess I would call it an E/N site or weblog, but it makes too little sense to even be classified as either of these. What it boils down to is a guy ranting and raving about just about anything in really strange broken English from an even stranger perspective. He also posts his "art".

A some kind of net robbing. And I cant buy it! and I am telling you , I saw also the URL: , and Ireally wanted to buy it. I wanted to tell all the women who named Jennifer that they sucks.There are simply too many woman named jennifer I hate. Jennifer lopez , Jennifer paige , Jennifer K.I hate them all. But I can't. And dont sue me because I tell you my mind.This is not a hating site.This is only a thinking I wanted to share with you. My friends. The only few true friends I have.

Believe it or not that was one of the most coherent things on his site. It was weird and stupid, but at least I think I understood what he was saying. Hey, he's got a guestbook, so pop in and say hello. Just remember:

Hey! I am sorry for being dope with you people!It's my English. It's Bad so I always thinking I am insulting people while I am not.People comments sounds angry to me while their not! Sorry people!

Yeah, ahem, so take it easy on him.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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