Agent Steal, submitted by Sarlo. When someone has a picture of and mentions their trophy girlfriend on the opening page of their site, you know they are a little preoccupied with their image. "Agent Steal", also known as Justin Petersen, is the name dropping, coke snorting, slut partying site of a pretentious turncoat "l33t h4x0r". After he was caught hacking into child pornography and bestiality web sites, Petersen turned over a new leaf and helped the FBI chase down other high-profile hackers.

Are you with the press, AND producing or writing a story on computer crime/hacking? Need commentary or insight into the computer underground? I was a top hacker for 15 years then spent 3 years in Federal prison. I'm no stranger to the media and at one point even worked with the FBI on computer crime.

Justin tries to sculpt himself as a geek god, talking about hacking, which he seems to know a very small bit about, and partying with strippers, washed up rock stars, and porns girls, which he seems to know a lot more about. Did I mention that Justin features naked pictures of his Playmate girlfriend on his site? All he needs are pictures of his sports car and a giant head and he'll fit right in with dozens of other overpaid game developers. Oh wait, I forgot, he doesn't even make anything useful, he just sits around doing interviews with the media and working as a consultant on movies. He also designs web sites! Why heck, just look at how bad ass his is!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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