The tailor of a cat CAT PRIN - This site has probably been posted before as an ALoD, at least once, but it's always good for a little amusement. It's a Japanese site that custom-makes hats and silly clothes for cats. You've certainly seen some of their product pictures before, but the doodles and heartwarming awkward English give you the complete CAT PRIN experience.

Anne of Green Gables appeared in popular costume play series! The hair of the red hair of costume is coquettish and cute. The cat which became a hood figure is likely to have a broom at any moment, and is likely to begin cleaning. As for the blouse of the country tone made with the same cloth as a hood, the yellow flower arrangement of the center of a collar is impressive, and looks very prettily! Since it can equip with a hood and a blouse on a piece of Velcro, attachment and detachment are easy!

Buy some and give your cat reason to hate you for the rest of its life!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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