One of the great things about this column is that if the inbox starts running a little low on submissions, I can just hop on Google, type in a couple categories that are usually great for ALODs, and I'll find a site that combines the two. It's some sort of terrible synergy.

Anyway, that's how I arrived at the Christian Furry Fellowship, which is exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately, while I was hoping for some really crazy beliefs (in the Kingdom of God, we are all reincarnated as sexy foxes, etc.), it just seems to be a bunch of dudes who hang pictures of Christ on their walls right next to Chip and Dale. There isn't any real furry-mythos stuff in their "Our Beliefs" section, but apparently they formed to prove to other Christians that furries aren't a bunch of crazy sexual deviants, which is completely news to me, a guy who professionally looks at furry sites.

Oh, I should mention that these guys hold services over IRC (and sometimes Skype). I have to imagine these sacred chat sessions at least sometimes devolve into discussions about things like whether it's immoral to think Bugs Bunny is hot when he puts on a dress and looks like a girl bunny. I'm not sure, though - you'll have to see for yourself!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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