Looking at the above logo, you might be thinking "Why Spiderman?" Why Spiderman, indeed!

He came with the template, he was the best of what we had available to us, he's cool and he expresses many Christian traits. But, we still plan to replace him with something more appropriate eventualy.

Something Awful itself uses a placeholder logo, and that explanation offered scant comfort to the crazy lady who barged into the office screaming about how a picture of a grenade would inevitably fuel violence in the community. The next time such an incident occurs, we'll calmly inform the visitor that the grenade is cool and expresses many Christian traits, and see how that goes over. Anyway, Christian Gaming doesn't just chronicle and rebuke the objectionable content in secular games, like the weird morality critic does with movies in the local church newsletter.

Did you know that ChristianGaming caters exclusively to the Christian community? We are not interested in covering the latest Halo games. There are plenty of other places for that. No, we're dedicated 100% to looking at what Christian gaming is all about.

Unfortunately, Christian game studios are too understaffed to churn out brilliance like Zoo Race and Bible Buffet on a regular basis. The site's front-page poll reveals 84 percent of its visitors don't even own a single Christian game, and there have only been a handful of "reviews" (basically screenshots with a blurb's worth of back-of-box copy) in the past year. But there are always the forums, where users can gripe about the hot topics of the day for gamers of faith. For example, "travisagainstxbox" decries the fact that "you cannot use jesus or god in your motto on xbox":

I am so angry with xbox right now. I tried to go into my gamer motto on xbox and rudely found out that it cannot have anything to do with jesus or god. But you can have satin or just about anything to do with killing in it. I cancelled all of my accounts on xbox. They told me it was not fair to people who did not believe in god and that it is a gaming community.I am new here and sorry i am venting right away but am so mad i think im going to drive over my xbox. The problem with our country is we cannot associate god with anything we do in public. argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here is the first response to that post:

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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