Fallout: Equestria Wiki catalogs the minutiae of one particularly horrible piece of My Little Pony fanfiction as well as the "sprawling universe" of side-stories and fanart it has inspired. The fanfiction itself seamlessly combines the worlds of post-apocalyptic video game franchise Fallout and Hasbro toy commercial My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Ha ha, get it, it's like the children's cartoon, except it's dark and twisted. Can't believe nobody else has ever thought to do this insanely clever juxtaposition!

Despite this one-note premise, author "Kkat" somehow managed to stretch it out to 620,000 words, which is literally more than War and Peace. Perhaps that's no coincidence, as Kkat's epic tale draws from only the greatest literary influences:

The story draws inspiration from both the Fallout universe and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also draws inspiration from other series; for instance, soul jars appear to be very similar to horcruxes from the Harry Potter series, and several story techniques were inspired from their usage in the Babylon 5 franchise, particularly the common usage of Chekhov's Gun.

It also utilizes "characters," a storytelling device popularized by the late-'90s sci-fi classic Farscape.

The protagonist is a unicorn named Littlepip, and the wiki describes her as a wasteland wanderer with no allegiance to any particular... oh jesus, I can't even skim this article without my eyes glazing over. Here's a random paragraph from somewhere in the middle of the page:

On her very first task as a slave, Littlepip offends the two self-proclaimed "head slaves", Blood and Daff. Littlepip is severely beaten up by Blood and nearly raped by Daff, but manages to fend him off with her telekinesis. Soon after, she befriends a slave who counsels her regarding the various on-goings of the slave pit, the dangers of Fillydelphia parasprites and of the goddess's Unity. During the night, Littlepip is miserable and unable to sleep due to the abuse she took in the day. Fortunately, Pyrelight is able to fly in and cheer her up.

Here's a writing tip: To make your work more "mature," mention rape a lot and throw in some cuss words. Helpfully, Fallout: Equestria Wiki made a list of all the swearing in the story, including eloquent lines such as "Oh fuck me with the moon. Moon, sun, both of them." and "Luna shove my cunt full of moonrocks and call me home." This ain't your little sister's My Little Pony!

Nerds are suckers for anything that mashes up two media properties (Dr. Who and Calvin & Hobbes! Dr. Who and Sesame Street! Dr. Who and Dr. Who!), so naturally Fallout: Equestria has earned a special place in the brony community, engendering its own little world of derivative fanworks, ranging from baffling fanart to "clopfic," which is exactly what you think it is.

Boy, these brony people seem like a bunch of weirdos, if you ask me.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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