There's not much on the Fetish Tots site; no unsettling gallery of sexualized baby photos, no purchasable products. There's a promise that the "Winter 2010" line is on its way, and a "sign up for our newsletter" prompt that likely forwards your e-mail address to the proper authorities. If this just a joke or a sting, though, its creators have shown a commitment beyond this spartan home page, showing up at a street fair with prototypes, including this unicorn-gladiator model. This display was enough to provoke even the man behind the "Carnal San Francisco" blog, someone who's presumably seen some shit over the years, to question "Have We Reached the Edge of Edgy?"

Perhaps this is a performance-art project, based on the rationale "If it gets just one person to think about the erotic commodification of children, it will be worth it." However, it's likely that the only people this project will affect in any way are actual perverts, who will become confused and frustrated when they can't order functional pacifier ball gags.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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