Fleurcup is safe, reliable, practical, comfortable, economical, ecological and ... sensual.

As clearly suggested by the above illustration involving butterflies and forest grasses, Fleurcup is some sort of inverted funnel that women stuff inside their vaginas in order to collect menstrual flotsam and jetsam. The site helpfully suggests insertion methods such as the "Origami," which is demonstrated in the following GIF.

Users must also empty the Fleurcup several times a day. (Mercifully, there are no animated clips of this process.)

Ladies (and menstruating men), are you still not convinced to cram a silicone bell into your crotch ringing-end first? Do you prefer traditional options such as pads or tampons? This handy chart will surely change your mind.

Now that all concerns have been addressed, let's have some fun with "The Adventures of Mrs. Fleurcup"!

"Mrs. Fleurcup swimming during her period."
"Mrs. Fleurcup skiing during her period."
"Mrs. Fleurcup out walking during her period."

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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