Perhaps you're already familiar with James Koehnline's nine obnoxiously mesmerizing animated GIF backgrounds. If so, I ask you to reconsider his relentless parade of evil dancing acorns given the following contextual information:

  1. Pagan weirdos claim autumn ends on December 20, leaving us with precious little time to appreciate the humble acorn, an adorable seed-bearing cupule that pelts us from above to let us know it cares.
  2. In the movie Antichrist, Willem Dafoe expressionlessly endures an acorn shower. However, even a character calm enough to sleep through his own castration would have trouble remaining stoic during a downpour of Koehnline's acorns. In comparison to making a fox look like it's talking/disemboweled, it should be easy to replace regular acorns with Koehnline's nightmare nuts in time for the DVD release.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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