Sinful Desire (thanks Butterbean) - Barely-watched monster-hunting thriller Supernatural has its share of fans on the Internet. Some of those fans like to entertain fantasies of something they call "Wincest". That is image or stories about the Winchester brothers having erotic relations. I use the word "erotic" in the clinical sense.

Welcome to Sinful Desire, a site for all things Wincest, which is the relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester from the CW show "Supernatural." Please note that this site does revolve around the incestuous relationship between two brothers - but at this site, it's okay! We also have an additional, smaller archive and areas on this site dedicated for RPS (real person slash) fiction, to cater to those looking for Jared/Jensen stories.

Yikes! I wonder what sort of stories Sinful Desire might offer. Let's find out!

It's at least four hours before they come up for air. Sam flops down hard on top of his brother, dick still twitching inside him, feeling like the top of his head has been blown off. The air is thick, sticky with lube and sweat and come.

Dean says, "Fuuuuuuck," and Sam rolls off him, and then they both just breathe for awhile, lying beside each other on sheets ripped half off the bed. When he's able to move again, he turns and fits himself against Dean, his head onto his chest. Dean's heart is still pounding hard, and he's practically radiating contentment, making a soft noise deep in his throat that's so close to purring Sam is going to have mocking fodder for years. As soon as he remembers how to talk.


I love the curveballs fanfiction throws. I mean, I should have seen it coming after all of that Harry Potter and Snape slash fiction, but coining a term for this stuff? Ah, well, you can't wincest them all.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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